NEW Harvest Sarasota Church

3650 17th Street, Sarasota, FL 34235

Service Times

  • Sunday 9:30 AM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM
  • Wednesday 7:00 PM

Located on the corner of 17th and Beneva in the City of Sarasota, on a beautiful oak tree lined 5 acre campus, The Harvest is a Sarasota church in pursuit of God’s heart to love all and serve all. For 28 years, we have ministered the love of God to the local Sarasota community through numerous outreaches of compassion, offering hope and life to the forgotten.  Our mission is to continue to raise up and empower believers to know who they are and whose they are!

The Harvest Sarasota Church is built on 4 cornerstones:

  1. God is good!
  2. Nothing is impossible
  3. The Cross is a finished work
  4. You were created for significance

The Harvest Sarasota Church is a church that is on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the earth and is desperate for a great awakening for this city and the surrounding area.  We believe the greatest revival the earth has ever seen is beginning right now.
Come find out how church can be fun again!

7 Responses to NEW Harvest Sarasota Church

  1. Debbie Penninger says:

    Hello. I visited your Church with my family when we were on vacation last summer. Roberts Lairdon was speaking. We were very blessed by his ministry and I sent him an email inquiring his schedule for May. He said he was at your Church in April and he wanted me to ask you about him being there the first week of May. I’m not sure if this is the right place to do this. Could you let me know, please? Thank you.

  2. beverly porter says:

    i am moving back to fl used to live in bradenton but moving in with my daughter on granada drive in sarasota,fl. i have been going to christ temple of huntington, west virginia and i am looking forward to visiting your church its seems like god has led me to your website and i am a spirit filled christian..i pray you will be in agreement with me for a joyful and safe drive back to fl. looking forward to meeting you all. beverly porter

  3. Sherry says:

    Is there any difference between your 9am, 10:30am and Wed, pm worship? If my daughter and I attend and like it, is there a youth group? She is 13. Also interested in Women’s group see women’s devotional but having problem accessing online, getting blocked, look forward to attending service. Thank you.

  4. Tina Patterson says:

    Pray for me I lost my husband. 8 yrs ago . Lost a baby in the 80s and lost my only 2 boys. One was28 in 2011. he died one was 27. On 2-14-2013. He died. I have finacial trouble , cronic pain from arthritis. N fibromyalgia. N more. Now my dog of 15 yrs is dying of kidneys starting yo shut down n urinating. blood. Somedays I feel like Job. Some or most days I feel Im losing my mind. It takes all I have to smile n act ok to othets so Im staying home most time. Dont change clothes smtimrs for days. When I go out I try to look normal but dont feel it. Please. dont call or come by if I can one day I may I might go to ur church. Pray thats all I ask. Thanks Tina

  5. Mike Van't Hul says:

    Do you have any special worship services in July or Aug.?


  6. Bob Francis says:

    Hi, My wife and I were visiting the area last weekend and I did a web search for a non-denominational church that was close by. I chose The Harvest because you have a 9 am service, but I believe that the Lord drew us to your church. The worship was excellent and I was pleasantly surprised that Damny Silk was the speaker! I familiar with Bethel church and I have his book “The Culture of Honor” at home. I am absolutely certain that I am the one the Lord pointed out to your intercessor team as the one who needed prayer for my knees. I was prayed over by my wife and a man as I myself prayed for my knees. I didn’t respond when you asked for people who had received healing to raise their hands. I knew that something had/was happening to my knees but I didn’t want to give false testimony. I can tell you now that my knees were in terrible shape. It was difficult to stand up and very painful to climb stairs and to play tennis. Well, my knees are 94% better since that time of prayer! Praise God for His love and mercy. Please ask your intercessor team to continue to lift me up in prayer for a double portion of healing, I know the Lord will continue to heal me as He receives their prayers! I will pray that God bless will continue to bless you and your church and every ministry you set your hearts on. See you next year! Be strong in the Lord and walk in His name! Bob Francis

  7. Ron Russo says:

    Pastor Dan Minor; I spoke with your dad a month ago who seemed interested in a Christian band competition involving several area churches and a few churches like Harvest to possibly host one of 3 events leading up to the big Festival in February of 2018. I COULD SEND YOU MORE INFO IF INTERESTED. By the way, your band is the best I have heard in Sarasota, Bradenton area. (609)617-0035 God bless your ministry.

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