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Why does the religious institution of “the church” exist?  What is the greatest calling of “the church”?  These questions (and those like it) often loom in the hearts and minds of people that have been involved with the church world for any length of time.  Church has a way of boiling the thought process of any reasonable man or woman.  One can look around at the vast resources that the western church often has access to and wonder have the faithful gotten a return on their investment.  Is their often a measurable, direct impact that the local church is having on its local community?  I would argue that quite often in most cases the answer to that question is, NO!

That is why today I write surrounded with an air of excitement.  I am watching before my eyes a church and it’s people rise up and make another statement to redefine and focus the true calling and purpose of the local church.  Watch this video as you hear from the neighbors the Mango Ave neighborhood as they in their own words (some more interesting then others) describe community transformation in progress.

Doesn’t that just ring true in your soul as to the questions; Why does the religious institution of “the church” exist?  What is the greatest calling of “the church?”  We are all called to not turn a blind eye to the chaos and darkness around us.  We must confront it with the same love and care that once confronted us.  We really are a city on a hill like Matthew 5:14-16 says.

This revitalization project has just begun and we are working on transforming 23 apartments that were once drug and prostitution houses.  The project has already begun and the property has already started to look completely different.

Mango Avenue Before and After 4

Mango Avenue Before and After 1
Mango Avenue Before and After 3
Mango Avenue Before and After 5

Mango Avenue Before and After 2


This is what the church is called to.  This why the institution exists.  

Please consider joining in with us in transforming the city of Sarasota and this neighborhood by donating to this revitalization project.

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5 Responses to Mango Ave Neighborhood Revitalization Project

  1. Krista says:

    That’s awesome! Yes!!!!

  2. Maria Scurry says:

    Please email me an application to the Harvest properties.
    Thank you, and God bless.

  3. Sheree Batcheller says:

    I would love to be apart of this ministry.

    Please mail me an application/information

  4. Terry Fortier says:

    I would love to find out more about your ministry. MY daughter heard Dan speak and told us about it. It is something that has been on our heart up here in MD and PA. Need to know how you get grants, funding, etc although I know you count on giving and the Lord supplying!
    Thanks for any information you can send us.
    Terry Fortier

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