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God is passionate so the atmosphere at Harvest is usually charged with faith and joy as we RESPOND to His love.  We purposely step beyond convenience and into sacrifice, thankfulness, and liberty.  People in the congregation may worship in a variety of ways at any given moment: singing, standing, dancing, shouting, raising hands, silence, quietness, laughter and/or weeping.

We passionately pursue God’s presence, not just for our own enjoyment, but that others might also ENCOUNTER Him and be changed.  God wants to heal and deliver His people as well as save them from the power of sin.  His kingdom regularly breaks into this world in demonstrations of power and glory via signs, wonders and miracles.  God regularly blesses people in this place with healing and freedom.

Senior Pastor Jim & Peggy Minor, Pastor Dan & Estrella Minor, and our leadership want to see how much of His kingdom God will let us experience before He returns.  The Lord taught us to pray: “Let your kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”

5 Responses to Our Worship

  1. Sheree Pellom says:

    I am excited about coming to Harvest! I will see ya’ll at The Rock!! I look forward to making your church my home church.


  2. Vilma Quinones says:

    Hi, I went to your church somenthime last year and i was really blessed. I like to know if you have any events or conferences for womens coming up? I took a fall in my christian walk and im longing for GODS precence once again but its very difficult to get back and I dont seem to be able to find any help in this area. IT does not look like there is too much help in that particular area. Thanks

  3. Denise Duffina says:

    Pastor Dan,

    Could the worship team please consider doing “There’s No Such Word As Impossible” by Building 459? I heard it in the car on way to work this morning; joy and faith zoomed to higher levels! I was dancing/driving in the Lord! Totally awesome!!! 🙂

  4. Susan Elliott says:

    I wondered what are the times of your services. Is there a service at the 17th Street location? If so, what are the times? Thank you, Susan Elliott

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