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Jim Rouches
November 15, 2018

Let’s Dine

Let's Dine

Jim Rouches fills in as a guest speaker on a Wednesday night message.

August 9, 2018

Faith & Fear

Faith & Fear

Jim Rouches continues on the theme of putting fear in your rearview mirror from Pastor Dan’s sermon on Sunday.

October 30, 2017

That’s what He Said

That's what He Said

September 28, 2017

The Finished Work of Christ – Grace

Jim Rouches piggybacks off Pastor Dan’s last few sermons and continues the discussion on grace.

July 12, 2016

Of Its Kind – Identity

Of Its Kind - Identity

Jesus knew who he was all the time. Sometimes we forget who we are and get caught up in the headlines and the rhetoric. When we get get caught in the chaos and the anger of a world falling a part, it’s easy to forget who we are and who we belong to. Sunday, Jim […]

June 9, 2016

Intentional Life – Identity

Intentional Life - Identity

Jim Rouches speaks on the importance of not being consumed by your past mistakes, and having a full understanding of who you are in Christ.

April 14, 2016

Harvest House Graduation

Harvest House Graduation

We love celebrating a Harvest House Graduation, and hope you are strengthened by the amazing testimonies of what God has done in the lives of these graduates.

April 13, 2016

Follow the Holy Spirit

Follow the Holy Spirit

Jim Rouches preaches on the importance of maturing in the Holy Spirit.

April 1, 2016

Fine Pruning – Spiritual Maturity

Fine Pruning - Spiritual Maturity

Jim Rouches preaches on spiritual maturity.

March 24, 2016

Courageous Faith

Courageous Faith

Jim Rouches asks the question of what our lives would look like if we lived a life of courageous faith.

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