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Pastor Dan Minor
June 14, 2017

#RelationshipGoals Friendship Part 1

#RelationshipGoals Friendship Part 1

Our month long series on relationship starts with a new topic: Friendship.

June 9, 2017

#RelationshipGoals Marriage Part 2

#RelationshipGoals Marriage Part 2

Pastor Dan Minor continues with this month’s series on relationships with a new live panel.

June 7, 2017

#RelationshipGoals Marriage Part 1

#RelationshipGoals Marriage Part 1

Pastor Dan Minor begins the first in a month-long, interactive panel discussions on how to build strong relationships

May 29, 2017

What are You Waiting For? – Promises

What are You Waiting For? - Promises

Pastor Dan Minor preaches from Joshua on going out and taking the promises God has made to you.

May 18, 2017

Mark of a Mom – Mother’s Day

Mark of a Mom - Mother's Day

Pastor Dan Minor preaches a Mother’s Day message all about the attributes of a great mom.

May 4, 2017

Overcoming Guilt

Pastor Dan Minor preaches on overcoming the oppressive power of guilt in your life.

April 18, 2017

The Reach – Grace

The Reach - Grace

Pastor Dan Minor preaches on Easter Sunday message all about God’s grace.

April 13, 2017

My Scars – Testimony

My Scars - Testimony

We hear people say that it was our sins, the nails, that kept Jesus on the cross, but why did the scars remain after the resurrection?

April 4, 2017

Come to the River – Grace

Come to the River - Grace

Pastor Dan Minor preaches out the freedom that comes when you set into living under grace instead of the law.

March 26, 2017

Keeping it Real – Faith

Pastor Dan Minor expands on his sermon from Sunday about activating your faith.

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